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Solis Tractors are the fastest growing compact tractor brand in Europe and represents a new range of tractors manufactured by International Tractors Limited India (ITL).

Solis Tractors are imported and distributed to fill the demands of customers in the sub-100 HP sector. Many of our customers are looking for a more cost-effective tractor for their farm, small holding, golf course or paddock. These tractors offer value for money with high levels of performance and fuel efficiency. The tractors are currently available from 20 to 75HP with plans to introduce a 90HP tractor in the near future. Retailed through a growing, nationwide dealer network the range features 2WD and 4WD models with platform models (without cab) also available. Solis tractors are robust, ergonomic and fuel efficient. All Solis Tractors are approved for road registration.

ITL has obtained European Homologation Approvals for its full range of Solis Tractors, which can be registered for the road.

ITL tractors are:

  • Distributed under the brands “Sonalika” & “Solis” in over 85 countries across the globe
  • Have a production capacity of 300,000 tractors annually
  • Have tractor shipments regularly going to EU countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic and the UK.
  • In the past, ITL has had joint ventures with Renault Agriculture and CLAAS and have produced tractors for both tractor brands.
  • ITL is now in partnership with YANMAR, they now hold a 30% stake in International Tractors Limited.
  • Among Top 6 Global Tractor manufacturing companies.

North East Garden Machinery is the North East's largest offical distributor for all Solis Tractor units, attachments, accessories, as well as service related requirements.
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